Monday, December 9, 2013

Whiskers mentioned again

Just noticed on MSN Tech that Whiskers has been mentioned again.

Phone security: best apps for protecting your mobile

I'm really happy to see it mentioned again. Whiskers doesn't have a very large user base and it's frankly hard to find in the Windows Phone Store. This is both a blessing and a curse...

You see, I gave this little app a name that is purposely misleading in a sense. When you think of 'security' and a password locker/keeper/vault, you don't immediately think of 'whiskers' or a cat for that matter. So that's why I called this app Whiskers. If you happen to lose your phone and someone found it and started routing through it, chances are they would pass over an app called 'Whiskers' not knowing it is an app related to securely safe-keeping information. Whiskers btw is my cat, Toby, who has a bum eye, thus the patch which is a shield. Don't know if i've mentioned that before.

Windows Phone Store Password Manager Whiskers
Where is Whiskers in the Windows Phone Store?

While the name 'Whiskers' may thwart those with ill intentions it also seems to make it difficult for people to find the app in the Windows Phone Store. Thus its name is both a blessing and a curse for me.  Search for 'password manager' in the Windows Phone Store and as you can see to the right, you won't find Whiskers.

Admittedly, I have to tweak the keywords I use in the Windows Phone Store. Search for 'password keeper' or 'password locker' and you will find Whiskers. Search for 'password' though and you won't find it. I'll make some changes here the next time I submit a new version of Whiskers and maybe I'll see some better results.

Speaking of which, I do have a new version of Whiskers that's going through the certification process right now. I'll talk about the changes in another post. Until then, thanks MSN for mentioning Whiskers!

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