Saturday, June 29, 2013

Whiskers v1.3

I fixed a few bugs and added a few new features thanks to one great user's suggestions and help.

Bug fixes:
  • The first Other item you add to an account could not be deleted. This is fixed.
  • When editing an account and adding either a URL or a Note, after you saved the changes and returned to the Details page of the account, the URL and Note text would be missing, although it was actually saved. This is fixed.
  • Sorting on the All items list was not consistent. Items would be grouped alphabetically but within the group they would not be sorted alphabetically. This is fixed.

New Features
  • URLs are now hyperlinks. If you tap on the URL it will attempt to open the link in your browser.
  • Copy to Clipboard feature.
    • On the Details page, tap on an item and it is copied to your clipboard. Copy your password to the clipboard by tapping on it, then tap on the URL to go to a site and then paste in your password from the clipboard.

Disclaimer on the Copy to Clipboard feature...

Whiskers does NOT clear the clipboard, so whatever data you copy to the clipboard, it remains there until you change it or clear it yourself.