Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I've submitted Whiskers the password keeper to the WP7 Marketplace. I think I began working on this last month sometime, after I finished up TeaMate. This app was far more involved than the previous two. There are a total of 17 pages (views) and close to 2,000 lines of code. The .xap may come in at a scant 351 KB but there are countless hours spent putting this application together.
At first I was going to call this PassMate but coming up with a logo/icon around this proved to be too difficult. Instead, I decided to place shield for an eye-patch on a cat and call it Whiskers instead. Yea, Whiskers may not have anything to do with security and the cat may be mistaken for a pirate-cat, but Whiskers seemed like a good name. The idea for the patch came from our cat, Toby-kat, who has sort of a bum eye. Toby-kat doesn't really have a patch but since he doesn't see too well out of one eye, we seem to think he does.

Whiskers is a pretty straightforward password locker. You create an account, give it some details, and its safely stored until you need it. Accessing your information is pretty fast and easy with all the details available just about in one screen. There's even a recent page which keeps track of what you've been accessing lately and displays those first.

So that's a total of three apps so far. I have many more ideas and some enhancements in mind for the existing apps. I don't have anything planned yet but I think I may take a short break from app-making and get back to some photography.

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