Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WP7 + AppHub

So I've decided to give Windows Phone 7 development a try. I ditched the awesome Droid x2 in favor of a new HTC Trophy. Before I went Android, I had a Windows Mobile 6 phone, the HTC XV6800. The codename for that old phone was the Titan. Coincidentally, HTC's new flagship Windows Phone coming out soon is also called the Titan. It's going to have a massive 4.7" screen and "Mango". Can't wait to see that one!

And now i'm back with Windows Phone again. Why? I am a Microsoft and Windows developer at heart. Always have been, always will be. Throughout my 12+ year career in software development, I've been at crossroads that could have lead me down the path of Java, HTML, Objective C and most recently, Adobe Flex. Each time I've stuck with Windows. Not only have I continually "used what I know", touted by Microsoft Build 2011, but I've also committed myself to learning what I can, inside and out, all the tools and technologies that Microsoft has to offer. I still don't know everything and never will. There simply is too much and technology moves at a pace much faster than anyone can wrestle with. Because of this, I don't feel as if i'm limiting myself. I look to grow when I can. There is always an opportunity for that.

This is now an opportunity to be a part of the Windows Phone community. I've started this blog where I hope to share what I can about it and about Windows development in general. I've signed up with AppHub and I have my developers ID. I also have a couple of ideas for some first apps that may make their way to the Marketplace. Overall, i'm really excited about starting this and I hope to learn so much more and to share.


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